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Cuisines of Gujarat

Traveling in Gujarat will make you taste some of the exotic Cuisines of Gujarat. The charming state of Gujarat has equally delicious platter of savories. The influence of Hinduism and Jainism has resulted in Gujarati Cuisine being mainly vegetarian. The state is traditional and so is its food. As Gujaratis love to eat and treat, the delicacies of Gujarat have a special quality of preparation. There is a great variety in meals of Gujarat. The redolent cuisines of Gujarat present a all together new platter including varities form North, South and Saurashtra regions.

Quintessence of Gujarat is reflected in the serving of Gujarati Cuisine also. It is typical and conventional. You will find the servings on the stainless steel plates or silver plates. The delicacies are best accompanied with rice preparations and a many varieties of wheat breads. Gujaratis abstain from overcooking of vegetables and lentils and this helps to sustain the flavor of the ingredients used in a dish preparation. The subtle use of spices and ghee add to the taste of Gujarats's cuisines.

The snacks of Gujarat are very popular. These snacks can be taken in any meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or otherwise. Farsan is an integral element in the cuisine. These Farsan / Namkeen are of many varieties like sweet, sour, sweetly sour, tangy. These are mainly made from gram flour. The staple food of Gujaratis is wheat bread rotis with curries. In winters breads of jawar and bajra are also eaten fondly. In some regions rice is the staple food of people.

Meals of Gujarat are generally light and being vegetarian it is easily digestible. With each changing region the norms and ways of cooking also change. Like the regions of Kathiawari and Kutch along with Southern Gujarat like spicy dishes. But people of use liberally use sugar in the preparations. Therefore their cuisines are sweet and tangy. A typical Gujarati Thali would include Rotli (wheat bread), Daal (pulses), Bhaat (rice), fried snack, sweet meats and Shaak (vegetables).

Check out the unmatched lip smacking cuisines of Gujarat like Thepla (A kind of wheat bread) Dhokla (a steamed cake made of gram flour paste), Doodha Pak, (a milk confection) Sev-Ganthia (a variety of spicy snacks) Kadhi (a curry made of yogurt) Undhyo (a winter delicacy cooked in earthen pot) Srikhand (a yogurt dessert flavored with saffron, nuts, and fruits) Suter Pheni (fine vermicelli cooked in sweet rounds) .

These dishes of Gujarat will surely entice you to grab a bite and once tasted, you will never forget the taste of these delicacies. Try them out now.



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